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Prairie Kitten Productions (PKP) aims to bring you Albertan films written, directed, and produced by women. Located in Calgary, Alberta, PKP was founded in 2017 by 5 undergraduates from the University of Calgary: Vanessa Wenzel, Cayley Wreggitt, Danelle White, Elaine Yang, and Siobhan Cooney.


At PKP, we believe in producing work that reflects the modern Albertan community. As young women emerging into the industry, we discovered a lack of opportunity to exhibit the strength and quality of work from the female perspective. PKP was founded to inspire not only ourselves, but the greater local community, to celebrate art by women.



  • Director

  • Producer

  • Editor

Vanessa Wenzel
Elaine Yang


BA Film Studies



BFA Drama


  • Actor

  • Producer

  • Production Manager

Vanessa is a born and raised Calgarian who recently completed her BA in Film Studies, Drama Minor from the University of Calgary. She has been part of many indie and commercial projects around southern Alberta in roles ranging from PA to Lead Cast. She will be taking part in the Women's Directing Intensive at the Banff Centre this March as well as camera training through ICG|669 to improve her technical abilities. She most recently appeared in the SEVEN24/Dreamers Rock production, Falling Through the Cracks (Dean Bennett). She acted in several plays during her time at the University of Calgary including as Micheleine in Abi Morgan's Splendour and Armande in Moliere's The Learned Ladies. Her goals for the future are to: gain more directing experience in short & eventually feature length films, act in a feature film, learn more about cinematography, and improve her editing skills. 

Elaine recently completed her BFA in Drama at the University of Calgary in the School of Creative and Performing Arts. Since graduation, Elaine has taken on roles in several TV shows and commercials around Alberta including speaking roles on Heartland and The Detour. Her primary experience lies in theatre in which she most recently appeared in Jaan by Scorpio Theatre. Other credits include Pirandello’s Six Characters in Search of an Author (SCPA 2016) as The Stepdaughter, Maeterlink’s The Intruder (Taking Flight 2014), and Shakespeare’s Pericles (Taking Flight 2015) at the University of Calgary. She also had roles devising and performing in Ghost River Theatre’s WINDOW (2016). Prairie Kitten Productions has been Elaine’s first step in the role of producer, and she is thrilled to be working on Albertan projects with a team of creative young women.


Cayley recently completed her BFA in Drama at the University of Calgary in the School of Creative and Performing Arts. She has experience in playwriting, directing and performing. She was most recently a director for an original play by Anyssa McKee called Closer to the Heart, which was staged in the University's Taking Flight Festival.  She has also written several plays that have been produced, including The Afterlife (University of Calgary) and Home for the Holidays (ND Theatre).  Most recently she performed in If it's okay, can we just, talk about Debbie, for a moment (Performer/creator, University of Calgary) and Six Character's in Search of an Author (Little Girl, Quest University). 

Cayley Wreggitt

Writer, Producer

Cayley Wreggitt

Danelle is a Calgary born artist who is pursuing her passion for storytelling through acting and directing. Danelle’s background is mainly in theatre. This fall she will be completing her last year in the School of Creative and Performing Arts. While she has formed her degree to give her education in acting, directing, stage management, and technical theatre, Danelle’s primary passion and goal is to be a director for stage and film. Some previous directing credits include: UnTimely Love (SCPA), Blasted (SCPA), Drunk Enough to Say I Love You (SCPA), and Splendour (SCPA). She has also previously worked with playwright and screenwriter Cayley Wreggitt on ND Theatre’s Christmas production of Home for the Holidays. Danelle is ecstatic to be working with Cayley on another project as well as joining Vanessa Wenzel, as she believes these two have the talent and motivation to rise to great things. 

Danelle White

Director, Fight-Director, Producer

Danelle White

Siobhan is currently studying at the University of Calgary, working towards a BFA in Drama. This summer she took on the role of producer and lead actor in the upcoming short film: The Weather. Siobhan's most notable roles include Prudence in A Perception of Prudence (2017), Dawn in Instructions (2016), and Young Actress in Luigi Pirandello's Six Characters in Search of an Author (UCalgary SCPA, 2016). In addition to her work in film and theatre, Siobhan is currently producing an improv show for the IGNITE! 2017 Festival for Emerging Artists with her improv group, Sunday Boys (Sunday Boys does not affiliate with any particular religious views).

Siobhan Cooney

Actor, Producer, Social Media Strategist

Siobhan Cooney
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